Monday, March 23, 2015

Not to [0!]

As a volunteer groundsman
in a continuing drought,
I'm told to water less: 
from 15 to 10 min., after 6PM,
2x/week. Just how little
will this be reduced to?
Certainly not to [0!]

(20 MAR 15, VV Santa Clara CA)v3

Tuesday, February 17, 2015



I'm finally learning 
just how essential 
Loving is to Living.

(16 FEB 15, V V Santa Clara CA)v4

Wednesday, February 11, 2015


in CA

We count our drought in years,
rain in days, need in feet.
When it rained regularly 
we didn't appear to, 
but (of course), we did. 
(11 FEB 15, v.v. Santa Clara CA)v6

Monday, January 12, 2015

Friday, January 9, 2015


c'est Charlie Brown
(subliminale: de Gaulle

(09 JAN 15 Santa Clara CA)v9

Monday, December 29, 2014

Carolyn Gregory's prayer for cats

from Carolyn Gregory, Jamaica Plain MA

Bill, I called Peter Bates to let him know about Reggie's death, too.

Here is a poem I wrote a while ago about the "dead cats" I have known and loved. 

So sorry about your loss. 

Poem follows. 


On a spring day, I prayed for a cat
going into decline,
his paws unable to hoist the bones,
even his voice stretched thin.

Then I framed a golden cat
on my wall, focusing imagination
on the grace of a striped animal
prowling the savannah.

I have groomed the long haired Himalayan,
played hide and seek as my red tabby
jumped at my ankles,
full of glee.

No doubt my prayers for cats go deep
in April when the Siamese died twenty years ago
and we buried him in rainy earth.

When I am alone at night,
the cat ghosts come and guard my bed,
their eyes shining green lamps
in the darkness.
I gather them close.

--Carolyn Gregory, published in Bellowing Ark

Karl Kadie on Wonderful Reggie

from Karl Kadie, Cupertino CA


I'm so sorry to hear that Reggie died.  
Reggie was a wonderful cat, 
a great companion to you to be sure. 
His own person, always.  My thoughts 
& sympathies are with you & your loss.  
Take care. 

- Karl

Julia Ball on Wonderful Reggie

from Julia Ball, Palo Alto CA

Oh, Bill, no!!--wonderful Reggie!!!

What a loss to our world, 
and what a dear, dear loss to you!

Reggie was fearless, a mighty hunter, 
and a friend to cat and man. He was 
playful and delightful. When you moved 
west, leaving behind his best cat buddy 
and his neighborhood freedom, 
he submitted to the harness. 
Above all, he had such heart. 
I'll never forget his keeping watch 
at Carolin's side or chair back, 
lending her the comfort of his 
loving presence. Reggie leaped 
tall fences in a single bound. 
His like will not be seen again.  

Farewell, dear Reggie; leap the fence,
and go to Carolin.